The Shortest Straw
The Shortest Straw by Excelsiore
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#5   25 Jul 2006
i thought it was fun seeing bots flying and railing them.
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matt man unregistered
#4   03 May 2000
Damn.. if only there where not so many complex brushes used for the pads, this level would have been so much better. Think square plattforms or something like that...
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#3   03 May 2000
If you like camping and you like space maps, and you dont care anything about how a map now!!!

I found this map bland. Its hard to get to where you want without rocket jumping.

The frame rates are high and i like the platforms hover speeds, i will give it this much. I liked the longest yard and the bouncy map is my favorate q3 map period. So i do like some space maps....just not this one. 5/10

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Niptlar unregistered
#2   03 May 2000
For a map with this item selection, it was put together well. Still, the BFG is just a little easy to get.

A campin' we will go, a campin' we will go... (5)

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Jazz unregistered
#1   02 May 2000
I guess I am a space map fan because I enjoyed playing it. I love how fast you can move around the arena and the moving platforms make it more dynamic and fun. The bots were fun but against real people I can already see the quad/bfg whores ruining a great space dm so it lost a lot of points from me...
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