Well of Mortality
Well of Mortality by Shmitz
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#7   16 Apr 2021
A few annoying features make this map a below average playing experience. First, you cannot go from bottom to top floor in the area shown in the image (and RA should be in the middle of that room). Similarly, you cannot go up in the RG room. No strafing friendly either. Bad connectivity kills the joy. The round room is very nice though.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#6   03 May 2000
The red room is defanatly the place the bots like but its also a place to watch minx run and run and run into the walls like she can move them!! This map does look very nice and has the frame rates i like.

This map is more of an online map than for bots. (seems to be a lot of those lately)

7/10 If you have to play with bots.....put a couple more than what the author assigned.

Lacking in gameplay for me but it does look pretty good.

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Niptlar unregistered
#5   03 May 2000
I didn't really enjoy it, but the design and layout is still reasonably good.

Were's the beef? 6-

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OozE unregistered
#4   02 May 2000
Well, I played for a bit...grew bored...and deleted it. There is nothing here to make me want to thresh it out on this plane jane map; but I'm glad u all like it so much.

I can see where tig is coming from.

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Hokies unregistered
#3   02 May 2000
Calling this map "not fun" is ludicrous. I've played it extensively using hulk, dm, and TEC and haven't yet been disappointed.
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DarkOne unregistered
#2   02 May 2000
I would tend to disagree with the reviewer here. The group I play with played this map solidly for a few weeks, only stopping because we stopped playing q3 as much. This is one of my favorite maps I have played for q3 and defintely my favorite of Shmitz's. While this map may not be to everyones liking, it does have the advantage of being small and the action is very fast paced. I would have to say the reviewer did not give this map a fair shakedown. While it is true that most of the action takes place in the one big room, that is not always the case. Some of the best battles we had took place outside of that room. I would strongly urge the reviewer to take more time and possibly play the map with more than just bots before jumping to a snap and this time very inacurate conclusion.
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szcx unregistered
#1   02 May 2000
are you kidding? this map is big, big, big fun... especially for Hulk
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