The Shortest Straw
March 20, 2000
Title : The Shortest Straw

Filename : excq3dm1.bsp

Author : Per Nordahl
aka "Excelsiore"

Email Address : **email removed**

Homepage :

ICQ : UIN: 15051214 (Excelsiore), send me your thoughts...

Map description : Two words: Nonstop action! 18 jumppads, 6 teleporters and 4 bobbing platforms. Spacemap designed for fast and furious fragging. A speedfreaks dream, but also with the railgunning sniper in mind. My first Quake 3 map. Loosely based on "The Longest Yard" (q3dm17), which is one of my favorite maps, don`t ask me why. Last time I did map editing for an id software game was Doom II. Damn that was a long time ago. Used this map as a learning experience to familiarize myself with QERadiant so don`t expect anything spectacular.

Players : 6-8 players (playable with 2-12 but best with 6-8, 8 spawnpoints)

Thanks to : id software, for the fine work on Q3A!
Special Thanks to : Strixis for her patience and putting up with me pestering her about betatesting!


***** Construction *****

Editor used : QERadiant build 181
Base : Scratch
Build time : approx 5 days
Compile time : approx 90 minutes (Fastvis)
Bot support : Yes
Known Issues : Bots have trouble getting the bfg and one or two always seem to be standing still on one of the bobbing platforms.

***** System/Level Specs *****

CPU/RAM : Celeron 400(o/c'd 500)/128 RAM
Video : TNT 2 M64 Vanta


***** How to use the .pk3 *****

1. Unzip and copy excq3dm1.pk3 to your baseq3 directory
2. Select via the SKIRMISH menu under: "Free For All" or "Tournement" for the single player game
against bots and anyone else for that matter:) or, at the console type "/map excq3dm1"
3. No go kill something


***** Copyright / Permissions *****

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

This map, exq3dm1.bsp (The Shortest Straw) is (c) by Excelsiore, 2000.
You may distribute this .BSP FREELY via internet, provided you include this .TXT file
and leave the archive intact. If you'd like to use this .BSP or the contents of the .pk3
file in any way, please contact me via E-Mail.