ThreeWave Textures
ThreeWave Textures by ThreeWave / LvL
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6415
#7   10 Mar 2021
I've never not had threewave installed - not because I play the mod but for the very reason mentioned in the review. good idea.
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#6   29 Mar 2010
A very useful ThreeWave textures pk3 for those CTF maps that have missing textures in them.

Edited: 29 Mar 2010 AEST

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Kythkin unregistered
#5   30 Apr 2000
I don't see why anyone would want these, the shader was poorly named, causes conflicts with the existing ctf.shader in pak0, also it screws with several other maps dm12, and ctf levels/bouncepads.
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dumber person unregistered
#4   26 Apr 2000
Great! now mappers can probably use these for their maps!

oh and mappers give me credit for this suggestion!

damn idea stealin basterds

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Jim unregistered
#3   24 Apr 2000
Its worth the extra few minutes (if you have a slow connection) to download the CTF maps pk3 which includes these.
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RedFive unregistered
#2   24 Apr 2000
About phr34king time !!! I don't play CTF cuz I'm usually my teams bane (Haste rockets on Quad work very well in a crowd :). Great idea so I'm finally gonna see what replaces those damn grids !!!
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#1   24 Apr 2000
Great Idea, Tig!
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