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ThreeWave Textures
======================================================== LvL twctf pk3 (just textures) - 24.apr.00 ======================================================== The ThreeWave CTF pak/Addon seems to sit on the drive of map designers so consistently that they often forget to include the textures in their map releases. As a counter to a common mistake we have put the graphics and shader into a pk3. This pk3 contains ONLY the graphics (.jpg's .tga's), and .shader from the ThreeWave CTF Addon for Quake3:Arena. There are NO levels (.bsp's) in lvl_twctf.pk3 lvl_twctf.pk3 has NOTHING to do with the ThreeWave CTF pk3 (twpak0.pk3) beyond this. lvl_twctf.pk3 was put together by Tigger-oN and Mandog. For more infomation or custom levels visit; http://www.planetquake.com/lvl/ ======================================================== Level authours are free to use this .pk3, however I would highly reccomend unpacking the lvl_twctf and extracting just the textures you use in your level. For more information on the correct format for making a .pk3 have a look at; http://www.planetqua...vl/making_pk3.txt ======================================================== The orginal ThreeWave relase contained Three CTF maps put together by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch and Michael "Casey" Goodhead and all the graphics included in this .pk3 You can download the original ThreeWave pk3 from; http://www.planetqua...comments.asp?id=3 ======================================================== lvl_twctf.pk3 by Tigger-oN, **email removed** http://www.planetquake.com/lvl/ No money should be exchanged in obtaining lvl_twctf.pk3 If you payed for it you got ripped-off
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