Frantic V2
by fKd
Frantic V2 by fKd
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Foo Rep. 367
#3   16 Aug 2023
This is a gorgeous visual overhaul. I thought it was models/meshes at first but nope, all brushwork. Would love to see this approach applied to other classic gameplay-focused maps.
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richoi Rep. 70
#2   13 Oct 2022
i enjoy the retexturing of this map; previous version(s) were rather bland.
there are two small issues: the lower ladder by the plasma gun is cosmetic only, not functional; the other is in using bots. the bots love to swim in the slime pools and die. quite funny, and easy frags.
it's small, multilayered layout makes for a fast gaming experience.
this would be a nice map for 1v1 humans.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6432
#1   10 Oct 2022
I'm scoring it 3.5 because the layout and gameplay is virtually unchanged. But the rextexturing is awesome and will revive interest in what was already a popular cpm tourney (largely because it was 1 of many maps that reworked the original bottom section of the main atrium in quake's the bad place). I actually would have liked to have seen a functional ladder as well
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