First Rebirth
First Rebirth by Gelenkbusfahrer
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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#3   10 Dec 2023
Some glass windows and boxes that seem to be randomly placed are the only real details.

Well, damn! Besides the tons of custom textures, custom sound effects, a custom teleporter, custom sounds, curve-patched architecture, broken pillars, fruit flies in the sun, broken tiles, the ledged glass dome, animated lights, and water puddles, this map hasn't seen any attention to details. lol

And no, the boxes haven't been placed randomly.

As the readme states, the map is optimized for heavy player load in Clan Arena or TDM matches. For duels or FFA, it would need a bit of scaling down.

Copying my design for a commercial Diabotical map is kinky.
Edited 1.45 hours after the original posting.

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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#2   26 Apr 2022
I think visually this conversion is quite successful and I am glad if it served for a few nice games so long after it was abandoned.

Thanks a lot and yeah, a nice few hundred of games so far, on my server alone. The QL people seem to love it :)
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cityy Rep. 365
#1   25 Apr 2022
As I've seen this level spook around on steam workshop a while ago already, here is a little context:
There exists a shared document that Hipshot and I used to manage this one. According to the meta data it is from May 2012 although my gut feeling says that the map is older. The document states the map is based on a map called by Hipshot though I don't remember at all what that looked like. It is however quite obvious that there's some similarity with the geometry of The Camping Grounds / q3dm6 which I think is what we wanted back then. I think rather than abandoning it consciously back in the day, we simply forgot / were too busy to continue it. However it was certainly not a bad coincidence as the layout has various issues.
The overall scale of the map is way too large making it just fine for clan arena but (in my opinion) rather useless for other modes. I think visually this conversion is quite successful and I am glad if it served for a few nice games so long after it was abandoned. The original version of the map had a darker theme using some of the assets of Hipshot's Solitude though I do not remember if that beta version ever saw the light of the day.
As the readme states you can also find this level in Diabotical (where the name is "Sunken"). The Diabotical version is scaled down significantly in a few places and has various layout changes.
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