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Mapsking Rep. 382
#2   15 May 2021
We played this with our family of six, in vanilla OA. We had a blast. We had a few minor shader issues with some of the plants, but it may have been a conflict elsewhere. Overall, we had a blast playing, and I personally loved the big "sledding area", and the giant tube that shot you up to the top. Definitely a fun map, and although we had six people, and still had plenty of frags, I agree, even with six, it was still a bit sparse. Still a great map, and a lot of fun for us, I recommend it!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#1   07 May 2021
a map really made for the large LAN party era. Great skybox, that along with the interior foliage gives off a Silent Running vibe (for those who have seen the movie) and a bit of an Avatar vibe (with the floating rock islands). Author recommends TDM, especially Freezetag, with the map being a gift for the freezetag clan TFB. I was concerned the map might be too big, especially for freezetag, but with the right player load, and a bit of learning, you can make it to your team mates fairly quickly. Things I might be normally critical of (low ceilings in places, some of the design work that might seem awkward or at odds with the level) actually really do set-up interesting situations for freezing opponents and thawing your team mates, and I can see the strategy at play here, and the reasons for the author including them). The main concern (or you could consider it an advantage strategically) is that a player frozen near a door will prevent it from opening until defrosted or a team scores. Not so strong I think for the other recommended gametypes, but I would certainly give this a go in freezetag. And there are a few secret areas to be found as well.
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