The Stolatene Mine
The Stolatene Mine by haste
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Geniraul Rep. 1365
#3   10 Nov 2023
What an absolutely visually goregeous map this is! Very impressive use of textures, especially considering it was designed for a GeoComp, and just like Haste mentions in the readme, with a limit of twelve textures. The honeycomb remind me of Doom 2 Sunder's map 18 The Singing Void, although as far as I know, that map came out in 2019, unlike this level that, according to the readme file, was made in 2002. Nevertheless, I always expect large bees to appear from somwhere and spook me here :D

There are other architectural elements in AF3HEX that make me think the author may have been inspired by Classic Doom when creating the level, such as fast lifts, curved stairs and platforms. While it is true that none of these features are atypical for Quake 3 either, I would say this map does have some feel of a certain single-player level, as I often feel like I'm progressing on this map as I navigate it. If I think about it, there's a need to circle strafe on The Singing Void due to its slaughter nature, while The Stolatene Mine provides some opportunities for circular movement due to the curved staircases, so since this is an arena map, this similarity may be another factor for more associations of these two levels with each other for me :)

The color palette is well chosen and allows to maintain both the contrast (which I think is one of the key factors that make this map so brilliant) and the harmony thanks to the shades of brown and yellow. The lighting is magnificent and makes the map distinctive and memorable.

The gameplay is almost top-notch, too! A lot of verticality, curved stairs and platforms, faster movement grĂ¢ce aux jump pads and speedy elevators. I just wish the level was larger in size, beacuse even considering the movement in this room is very original and fun (despite the fact it's only one room), the map can feel somewhat cramped in times.

In sum, this is a very fun map for some rotatory rounds, so next time you spin around this map, be sure to turn the wheel of circling games :P

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raspatan Rep. 4510
#2   16 Apr 2021
Agree with HS. Its gorgeous but that's pretty much all about it. Even for a tourney it's very tight and not strafing friendly. I do love the location of the RA and LG, but still is all too close to each other. Design is novel but can't quite get the gameplay started.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#1   08 Apr 2021
Not really good for anything other than a tourney imo due to its size but the design can be very disorienting, and item balance is a bit off. the pitfalls were a bit excessive. not really a fan of single atrium tourneys but the visuals are stunning, and I love the domed honeycomb skylight.
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