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Inverted Penguin
Inverted Penguin by Fjoggs and voodoochopstiks
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1512
#2   10 days ago
@raspatan: It plays alright in VQ3; there aren't any items or areas that need CPMA physics to reach. However, it does flow much better with CPMA physics; the main screenshot for example shows the GL which in VQ3 either has to be accessed through the back hallway or a tiny ledge on the side, but in CPMA you can ramp jump off the stairs in the lower-right corner of the screenshot straight up to it. Another neat trick jump not mentioned in the review is that you can ramp jump from the RG pit to the GA right above it.
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raspatan Rep. 1602
#1   10 days ago
@EmeraldTiger, any idea how does this one play in VQ3?
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Context menu

For options and more

OK, Got it