Crystal of Life
Crystal of Life by TymoN
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Obsessed Rep. 658
#3   08 Nov 2020
very nice map! the only thing I spotted - upper YA area is overbrightened a bit, so if you up r_gamma for the whole level, this area looks too bright. alas, can't test it with humans. :C
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#2   13 Oct 2020
@EmeraldTiger. Hey, well spotted! I missed that bit. I only tested in in FFA (never been keen on TDM to be honest).
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2581
#1   12 Oct 2020
Definitely a shame that TymoN never submitted this map to LvL along with his other works as this one is right up there with his other creations in terms of quality and gameplay. The "crystal mine" theme is great and there's lots of CPMA trick jumps that can be pulled off, though aren't necessary to be enjoyed in VQ3 either.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about Crystal of Life is that it's essentially two maps in one: in FFA you only ever get to explore and play in part of the map, but in TDM a few conditional walls are removed that almost double the map's size. A neat mechanic that doesn't get used in a lot of maps.

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