Delta Station 07b
Delta Station 07b by Orion
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<LUPUSiTaLicuS> unregistered
#6   20 Apr 2000
nice map download it!it's a must
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}h3r!k0 unregistered
#5   18 Apr 2000
nice map...

btw i dont blame you for leaving those clip boxes out. i regret fixing that kind of thing sometimes since you normally findout after you think youve done your final compile. i really like the design and ill give you an 8

btw i think in future you should try to improve the connectivity of your maps.. dificult but worth it. nice map }:>

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Hi-C unregistered
#4   18 Apr 2000
Damn nice indeed -- this one deserves a lot of attention.

The simple texture scheme belies a very cool design that sort of creeps on you, like Ikka's first Q3 map did.

The deathpit's actually cool, as is the dark sky, and both suggest fathomless distances.

But it's the sense that you're in some workable place which separates this one from the pack. Scale, proportion, and great lighting all add to the look of cool pragmatism.

Clip brushes? Yeah, it could use some. That, for my money, was the only drawback. Nice job!

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spaceboy unregistered
#3   13 Apr 2000
good map...could use some work on the death pit...
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Predator unregistered
#2   12 Apr 2000
the SHIT besides the area above the death pit messes up
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Niptlar unregistered
#1   12 Apr 2000
Actually, this map is almost good. The pointless trap is annoying (but at least there is only one), and the flow was cut a little too tight, but the item placement is commendable.
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