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wales Rep. 34
#11   29 Sep 2019
This map is incredible! Unlike the comment below, I don't think the guy really knows what he is talking about. This is a remake of brimstone abbey and is pretty much the same other than the retexturing which is amazing and is certainly far above a 2.5 rating.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4851
#10   15 Jun 2019
I could see what you were going for in the renovation of the pool/rg area but the remake as a whole didn't work for me. The alien vibe is cool but while in that context the map can be a little scary there are way too many obstacles and tripping hazards for good movement and game flow as well as being pokey in the corridors. The room with the rl is one example: it is way too busy - too much going on here. And I would have liked it to be easier to get onto the bouncepad and the platform when coming out of the water in the pool area. Which was a shame really, because I had really high expectations coming off your Space Chamber Redux.
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LotsofPain Rep. 55
#9   26 Apr 2018
had no issues running this map, nice map
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rudehades Rep. 40
#8   03 Dec 2017
Probably one of the best maps ever made! The environment created is just super
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georgejjburns Rep. 101
#7   11 Nov 2017
baris in the console of q3a, type /g_gametype 3 and the /map akutadm1 and then the game will start in tdm mode on this map. you can add bots or whatever from there.
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Neon_Knight Rep. 113
#6   16 Sep 2017
Yep, very good version of Brimstone Abbey in another style. Liked also the BFG trick.

Tried in OpenArena as well, only two missing textures (the light models in the LG ammo trap and in the water tunnel the Quad pad) and no missing sounds at all. :D With vanilla 0.8.8 there are no clashing files, and no skybox problem.
Edited 2.47 minutes after the original posting.
Edited 4.05 minutes after the original posting.

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baris unregistered
#5   02 Sep 2017
map doesnt show up in TDM section. instead it shows up in free for all section. how can i play team game in this map?
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georgejjburns Rep. 101
#4   01 Sep 2017
I didn't have any issues with the skybox at all. This map is amazing!!! The reviewer was right, the bfg secret is very creative! Those people that had problems, maybe it's because your running a MOD or two?
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CZghost Rep. 1533
#3   06 May 2017
For those who have issues with missing skybox: try to rename liquids.shader and skies.shader to something that do not collide with original Quake 3 shader files and it will work. That's, however, something that should be checked by the map author. But there are missing textures on the Alien models, which is a shame. Akuta, please, fix that :( Otherwise, the map is cool and fun to play :) Bots are pretty tough (played on skill 2) :)
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Alice Rep. 565
#2   31 Mar 2017
What a great map!
Hopefully the missing sky box (which is mentioned in the readme ;-) can be fixed soon...
Textures and lightning are superb and give a strong atmosphere. Nice sound. Gameplay is fluent, fast und furious.
Very nice BFG trick...
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Jonah O'Syrus Rep. 369
#1   27 Feb 2017
This map reminds me of the interior of a Borg Cube. EDIT 3/12/2017: Upon playing the map, I noticed that the skybox was UNFINISHED and that an update is required to remedy it.
Edited 13.52 days after the original posting.
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