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Endurance by flipout
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quakesn1per Rep. 103
#11   09 Mar 2018
Truly an amazing map. Can’t believe I didn’t download it sooner. Great game flow and the graphics are superb 👌.
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Vicarious Rep. 138
#10   26 Feb 2018
Solid map, definitely a keeper.
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V1979 Rep. 263
#9   11 Aug 2017
1v4n, please post pictures with mentioned bugs. If they do really exist, I'd want to fix them.
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1v4n unregistered
#8   06 Feb 2017
By the way, I tested the map in ioquake3-1.36-3.1.x86.
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1v4n unregistered
#7   06 Feb 2017
The map looks GORGEOUS, and the gameplay ROCKS, but there are al least 2 (two) bugs in the arena with the textures and the real physics. I would love this map to be fixed, for this map is AWESOME.
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Jonah O'Syrus Rep. 349
#6   10 Apr 2016
This map is DAMN NEAR perfect. I wish other mappers used the Q3 Logo as I believe that it adds a continuity to the game and it looks BADASS, as well.
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Colton Rep. 173
#5   05 Mar 2016
Nice use for the Q3A logo right there... Makes the map feel right at home in Q3A.
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v1l3 Rep. 681
#4   26 Jun 2015
This has become my favorite map by far .. I've played the hell out of it since it was created for that competition that it came 2nd place. I'd like to see more maps like this coming out, for a game that is so ancient .. Q3A until the end!
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#3   21 Jun 2015
Damn since I've been gone all the good maps have been rolling in. This looks really good and I can't wait to play this. I love maps like this!
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Martinus Rep. 516
#2   19 Jun 2015
I like the Quake 3 symbol!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1570
#1   17 Jun 2015
The areas with the green slime pools remind me of the times I played Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) during the Rakghoul Plague breakout, where you need to go to this underground area that looked similar to what's in screenshots 4 & 6.

The visuals kinda make you want to get a HD special effects pack to match the map. or at least I do when I get to play this.

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