The Longest Fall
The Longest Fall by r3x.theCat
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Mapsking Rep. 350
#8   06 Jul 2020
We played this with our family the other day. Initially, I tried it with six of us on one team, vs. six bots. It was a bit too hard, with so many BFGs anywhere, we only scored 1 point. Then, we tried it with 3 vs 3 human players, for CTF, and it was a really fun map. Even though I made a bot file for it, it just gets too chaotic with too many. Probably no more than 4 vs 4, in my opinion, would be best. It was still a lot of fun, and I recommend the map. However, I wish there was something like a wall, or something on the flag platforms, to prevent the player from just grabbing it and going straight forward to the enemy base. If you are running for the flags, it can become quite repetitive, as a straight shot to the enemy base is the most direct, and quickest.
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Colton Rep. 329
#7   14 Jan 2016
I have a version of this map complete with bots ;) Have fun:
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#6   05 Dec 2014
@chickenato64: Since you're new member here just few notes about voting and comments:
1) Write in english since this is english site. Not everyone speaks and understand spanish, portuges and other romanian languages.
2) Give the map a try first before you go voting. If you do not like the map visualy, do not download id, no one is forcing you to play the map. Just do not vote for maps you will never play...
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OIRAM Rep. 3
#5   04 Dec 2014
Edited 2164.51 days after the original posting.
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#4   30 Nov 2014
I tried to make AAS myself and got this error: dl.dropboxusercont...2/bspc/bspc.log
And AAS nowhere... Also, the weapon layout is too much BFG. BFGs on the sides to the flag, BFGs on the middle platform, two BFG ammo next to the jumppad, two BFG ammo on RL platform, why? When I was writing previous comment, I did not much look on the layout, now I did and I say, it's not worth for download unless you want to play the new Q3 mod Q3knockout (see a thread in q3w)...
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#3   16 Oct 2014
For those who is interested in online quake3 gaming, it might be pretty interesting release, but after I downloaded the map I discovered the incongenial truth that the map has no bots file! Altough it is perfect for friends LAN party, but for online gaming it's unpractic and without bots it's unplayable. Downvoting...
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#2   13 Oct 2014
@Pat Howard: Ain't that the truth?
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pat howard unregistered
#1   13 Oct 2014
my prediction: in the year 2055, cars will effortlessly float several feet above the street and run only on red bull and corn flakes, denmark will dominate the global economy, you will be able to play modern video games literally inside your own brain, and LvL will still be receiving about nine DM17 remakes every year...
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