Dual Cores
Dual Cores by dONKEY
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bepisman Rep. 148
#10   31 Mar 2020
Wow this donkey guy is good.
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Manus[!]a unregistered
#9   07 Jan 2014
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CrazedPsychoMalik unregistered
#8   23 May 2013
I mean it's a great map, and I like it but, I think it should've been a DM, cause I thought that's what it was at first, and I think it'll seem more fun. Haha
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Tig Rep. 1642
#7   28 Mar 2013
@dark3zz: I can think of two things to try:

  1. Download and install and use ioquake3 from ioquake3.org/get-it/
  1. Assuming you are on Windows, you need to use a batch file or change your start-up shortcut link to include the "com_hunkmegs" value. You can not set this value after you have started the game (well you can but it makes no difference then).
The batch file would need to look like this:
start quake3 +set com_hunkmegs 128

And the shortcut link would need to look something like this:
C:\your\path\to\quake3.exe "+set com_hunkmegs 128"

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dark3zz unregistered
#6   28 Mar 2013
got the same hunk allocated error. tried with and before bots, no chance. im putting now the cfg file with more hunks, damn i have 16 GB ram lol :)
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#5   23 Mar 2013
Another thing about this map is it's professionally made and constructured. It has mostly everything that QL map needs and this should definately be put on QL. Don't you think..?!
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#4   21 Mar 2013
This map is wonderful! After playing it for 2 hours straight las night with some friends, I will actually hold this map on my server. Brilliant work!
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dONKEY unregistered
#3   21 Mar 2013
I put a note about this in the readme file.
In normal quake3, load the map with no bots, then add the bots when you are inside the level. With ioquake there are no issues.
It's kind of a long story, but the bot navigation file (the aas) is the cause of the problem.
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Anonymous unregistered
#2   21 Mar 2013
When I try to play this map, game exits with the code:
Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 4194328 bytes from the main zone


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CZghost Rep. 1661
#1   10 Mar 2013
I must agree with you, HDK... The level of details is amazing just the FPS little drops on older systems...

Anyway, I'm glad you're using more english than spanish now, taking a look at Google Translate is a bit boring...

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