The Sewers of Fate
The Sewers of Fate by Rust7
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CZghost Rep. 1661
#2   11 Mar 2013
For those who are too lazy to find it themselves :) Please sorry for the server name, I wanted to set it for Secret, but change didn't happen...

Also at the very early this map hadn't any AAS file, so you had to make one yourselve or find someone to play with... I think author just forgot to include :)

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CZghost Rep. 1661
#1   06 Mar 2013
There is also a little secret that is a bit hard to find without noclip.

You can actualy get in without noclip, but I clasify it as a "wanted bug". Teleporter that send you in the secret is behind a wall, but it seems there's no way to dicover it. You can, but after you find out the wall the teleporter is behind is nonsolid... You can get through the wall in the teleporter room...
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