DooBall's CTF Pack
DooBall's CTF Pack by DooBall
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#15   21 Mar 2021
with both maps, there really is only 1 real path into and out of the base, and in the case of the first you can cut off flag carriers that get out via the long way by using the teleporter. The other path, while it takes you back to the one and only real entrance into the base, also loops back into the flagroom, depending on which path you use at the junction. The second, as mentioned has too many team based items spawning in the centre, and both maps overall are pretty flat. some great potential shown here, and the construction isn't half bad.
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Shinji[tEs] unregistered
#14   07 May 2001
Hah, nice maps...

Doo is bain...

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-Prophet- unregistered
#13   23 Apr 2000
cool map
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not entered unregistered
#12   01 Apr 2000

it's a good map, but there's a raal big bug with the bots and and one of the portail. So i'm unable to play with this map.

don't remember the first or second but is the map shows and this page. Don't like the other map

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Afterlfie unregistered
#11   01 Apr 2000
i give it a 5, it could be a 8 tho, if you'd go back in and fix all the misaligning textures, some of them have jaggies bad, i couldn't concentrate on the map, cause the misalignments were just jumping out at me, screamin "fix me" this is Dooctf2, that i am refering too, I like the setup of the map, tho :}
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Octovus unregistered
#10   30 Mar 2000
Oh ok...guess we are just giving it a different name. IMO it is called the haste powerup and I know there are mods with Runes in them out there (duh) so thats what I though both you and DooBall were referring to. Well that's that then, sorry for mentiong it. =)

L8rs! Octovus

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Johnny Law unregistered
#9   30 Mar 2000
OK, I was being overly subtle I guess.

More plainly: yes, CTF has the haste rune. It's just an item, like Quad or a rocket launcher. You can have it in CTF maps or DM maps. All the Threewave maps have Haste, several third-party maps do as well, and you don't need any mod to play them other than vanilla Q3CTF.

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Octovus unregistered
#8   30 Mar 2000
That isn't a made its a if anyone out there doesn't know that Johnny Law (well ok there are probably people who do) BUT normal CTF doesn't have a Haste Rune in it so calling a room "Blue/Red Haste Rune" (NOT Blue/Red Haste Room) doesn't make any sense, as there is NO haste rune.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#7   30 Mar 2000
Erm, the "mod" in this case would be: CTF. :-)

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Octovus unregistered
#6   30 Mar 2000
Well I'll start with the whole pack: I gave it an 8. But the first map was just bad IMHO with the exception of the flag room, which was notably well done. I almost always spawned and found myself walking around with just an mg for some period of time while looking for a better weapon. Also, I noticed in Team Chat one room is called "Blue/Red Haste Rune"...I don't think mappers should base the room names on mods unless they specifically mention which mod it is for when giving it to some place like Lvl. The quad was well placed and so was the regen though IMO.

However the bots were crap ! Which absolutely killed the level since it wasn't all that great anyway. The seemed to think going back and forth through a teleporter was just great fun.

The second level was well very good! The quad over the lava was nice, though unless you played bots it was essentially impossible to fall down by "accident" (unless you are a newb), the bots fell a lot though I was playing Hurt Me Plenty. But other than that it played well, in this one item placement seemed generally very good. Perhaps the RG + slugs + RA was a little much so close to each other but in a big game you needed it. If one thing was bad it's that the flag room went way down in how good it was, a little easy to defend, what with only one entrance. And my BIG gripe....(drumroll) the lava/pit of doom areas didn't have the "no drop zone" tag or whatever it is that causes items like flags dropped there to respawn/return. With flags, they will respawn after the official "no one touchs the flag so put it back" time but I was playing the Tec mod and slowly but surely the Techs dissappeared into these areas and sat there for the rest of the game, in the end I was playing with only 3/8 Tecs. Still not that big a thing just a little annoying.

DooCTF1: Crappy
DooCTF2: Great and makes this pack worthwhile

5.5 up to 6 for DooCTF1, 8.5 up to 9 for DooCTF2, 7.5 overall score up to 8. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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DooBall unregistered
#5   29 Mar 2000
yea, these were my first attempts w/ q3radiant,

i wasnt supposed to finish the q3ctf1, but i did.

i realize now, that i have to use chaulk behind the curves to fix that, and i learned alot of other stuff...

and the problem w/ the bots, it had something to do w/ a "solid". i got some help on it, but it was too hard to find this invisible brush, so i let it go...

my newer maps are going to be much much nicer then this...

heres a screen, i might post it up on the beta section later on

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Jim unregistered
#4   29 Mar 2000
Also to mention, I noticed a "thin brush" problem, where a texture behind the wall could be seen flickering through the wall just behind the flag. Its not a major problem as far as gameplay goes, but it is quite ugly...
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Jim unregistered
#3   29 Mar 2000
A pretty good CTF map. Visually, I like it a lot better than Q3CTF1 and Q3WCTF1. The layout is good, texturing/lighting/styling is done well, but I think this map has poor item placement. There is just way too much health- with a +100 health powerup AND a regen at each base, plus all of the health boosts inbetween. That just doesn't give very good balance- as its possible to dominate the map by continuously going after the health powerups, then grabbing the quad- and you can easily go on offensive, or defensive mode and wipe out everyone that gets in your way.
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^-SeaWolf-^ unregistered
#2   29 Mar 2000
It's fun, dooball is a great mapper and makes the game worth playing

(Tymetodie made me say it, i swear, he's holding me at gunpoint as i type)

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#1   29 Mar 2000
The larger map in this pack (DooCTF2 i believe) is a good looking map that plays well (not with bots!), but the other map ("The Lightning Round") is controlled way too easily by powerups. Obviously the author was going for fast paced gameplay, but with haste and quad in there it's gonna be over real quick. Forget about chasing the FC in that case.
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