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Quake Ballet
Quake Ballet by Stijn Raiguel
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#4   10 Jan 2012
I love space maps and especially this one :). It was an amazing experience online plus against Nightmare bots. This map is also on map-factory.org. 8/10
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Fragenstein Rep. 10
#3   05 Dec 2011
I was never really into space maps, but decided to try this one on my server. It really is alot of fun. I gave it 7.5. Would have scored it higher except for the afore mentioned platform issues. I try and run good custom maps on my server: bwood.servegame.com:27960
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1130
#2   26 Dec 2010
I remember first seeing this map on the QuArK forums. It`s a solid map, though it is slightly marred by some minor issues. The nodrop thing mentioned earlier, of course. Then there is the launch pad that if you don`t add any accel will land you on the very edge of the RG platform. Last but not least, having two hastes is unneccesary on a map like this, one of them should be replaced with flight instead. Other than that, it`s pretty darn good for a first effort, and I would not mind seeing this as a premium Quake Live addition.
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Bliccer unregistered
#1   07 Aug 2010
The patches (rounded ways) deliver a nice feeling of smoothness. Always like this. Gameplaywise they are bad, because you can't jump them up so easily. Strangely I love purple!
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