Quake Ballet
Quake Ballet by Stijn Raiguel
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#4   10 Jan 2012
I love space maps and especially this one :). It was an amazing experience online plus against Nightmare bots. This map is also on map-factory.org. 8/10
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Fragenstein Rep. 12
#3   05 Dec 2011
I was never really into space maps, but decided to try this one on my server. It really is alot of fun. I gave it 7.5. Would have scored it higher except for the afore mentioned platform issues. I try and run good custom maps on my server: bwood.servegame.com:27960
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2581
#2   26 Dec 2010
I remember first seeing this map on the QuArK forums. Its a solid map, though it is slightly marred by some minor issues. The nodrop thing mentioned earlier, of course. Then there is the launch pad that if you dont add any accel will land you on the very edge of the RG platform. Last but not least, having two hastes is unneccesary on a map like this, one of them should be replaced with flight instead. Other than that, it`s pretty darn good for a first effort, and I would not mind seeing this as a premium Quake Live addition.
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Bliccer unregistered
#1   07 Aug 2010
The patches (rounded ways) deliver a nice feeling of smoothness. Always like this. Gameplaywise they are bad, because you can't jump them up so easily. Strangely I love purple!
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