Chamber of Sorrows
Chamber of Sorrows by [QR]Boner
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Vassilis from Greece unregistered
#3   03 Apr 2000
A very good map, unfortunately it seems there's a texture missing, at least that's what q3a is reporting :

"couldn't find image for shader textures/gothic_trim/q1metal7_11"

Do you know what's wrong?

I'm using the full version (1.11) of q3.

Please help me if you can.

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[QR]Boner unregistered
#2   31 Mar 2000
Thanx Jim;)
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Jim unregistered
#1   29 Mar 2000
A good map- The architecture is very well done, as well as the texturing and lighting. However I think the scale is a bit too large- it felt like you had to run forever to get to the next area/item- but it seems to work well, and the nice thing is that the author has done a good job at making this map huge- without making it LOOK huge and empty- like that main central room- I didn't realize how large it was until I ran across to the other side. The red face model (see screenshot) was very nice too.

A couple of things I didn't like about this map- the jump pad textures were the star textures usually used to indicate an item spawn area or just floor ornamentation. In fact, I was heading towards a yellow armor and suddenly found myself flying through the air towards an upper ledge. It is not my preference to have these used for jump pad textures- but if you are going to use them, at least don't put items on them.

Also, I found that I had to almost walk THROUGH a teleporter before it whisked me away somewhere. The trigger should be placed a little closer to where the frame of the teleporter begins- it just doesn't feel "natural" to be standing partially inside one and still be able to stand there and look around.

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