Five Deadly Venoms
Five Deadly Venoms by Eggman
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anna unregistered
#13   27 Sep 2007
its quite cool
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Gr|m_r@p|$t unregistered
#12   21 May 2000
Holy ToLiTo! Good map overall, lots of action and gameplay! A definate keeper!
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Chancellor Kirin unregistered
#11   30 Mar 2000
This map kicks @$$! I'd recommend that you add this map to your Q3Map collection!
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Joseph Stalin unregistered
#10   29 Mar 2000
Kick ass map!
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#9   28 Mar 2000
A fun little map, well worth a download.
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Octovus unregistered
#8   28 Mar 2000
This was pretty good...Tig was right in saying that everyone should try it but not all would like it all that much. It's a perfectly fine map, and I loved that "dug up" look that A Loser mentioned in his comment. The electric water did look weird in that large quantity did look weird, a smaller pool might have been better. Also maybe making one section of the water a bit deeper with a Megahealth or a Red Armor in it might have been nice. Still played fine-well, so it gets a 7 from me. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Dutch unregistered
#7   28 Mar 2000
Nice effects on this map , but out side looking out towards the electric arches my fps dropped like a rock. Too many effects maybe? My system is no slouch either
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Jim unregistered
#6   27 Mar 2000
A very nice map. I well-done variation of the tech style, and good layout. I like how many of the areas of the map can be accessed quickly by rocket jumping to them, but unfortunately I noticed that you can rocket jump up into the sky showing that strange "outside the map" phenomenon.

The architecture is well made, the terrain countours are excellent, and the electric water is a nice effect- although I thought it would have killed me a bit quicker- but it works well.

My biggest gripe about this map- and it is a big one- is that it does not make use of any CLIP brushes, and it sure does need them in many places. Getting stuck on the architecture during battle is not fun. Clipping could have also prevented rocket jumping "out" of the map.

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A Loser unregistered
#5   27 Mar 2000
default is 0, i forget to rate the maps sometimes too =P
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Peek a Boo unregistered
#4   27 Mar 2000
I can't beleive "not entered" gave it a zero
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#3   27 Mar 2000
I too gave this one an eight, as the level plays fairly well and looks great. I didn't notice any of the clipping problems but then again I didn't play it that long. The bots all seem to stay near the RL, at least in Hardcore mode. This would be an excellent map for a lan party tho, especially for those of you who like both sniping and close range combat in the same map.
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not entered unregistered
#2   27 Mar 2000
wonka maybe?
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A Loser unregistered
#1   27 Mar 2000
i loaded up 4 bots and had a pretty good time. item placement was pretty good. rail kinda dominated this thing but the lightning was a good addition. didnt like sacrificing myself to that fall to get it though, but thats just me. the looks is good, alot of new design elements i was really impressed with. the "dug up" look of the basement area was really cool and that electric water was a new twist. only complaint i can really think of is the bridge...i could rocket jump right THROUGH it from the bottom, whats up with that? made the map feel unfinished. the flow wasnt too great but in a large ffa that didnt really matter. i gave it an 8.
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