Hipertrofia by ShadoW
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AEon Rep. 770
#5   23 Aug 2009
Nice small map that plays well against bots and is fun to play for quite some time. The designs are quite interesting, though there are a few areas with stunning geometry next to areas where something "more" could be expected. Note this is "whining" on a high level, so basically the design is still quite up there.
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Mark unregistered
#4   02 May 2009
Visually i'd be hard pressed to find a better map. ShadoWs mapping experience has really shone through in terms of aesthetics for his last few maps, abandoning the grimey and macabre look of earlier work for a clean, light and refined look. The speed in which the map was made shows in its construction and this is reflected in the low score it has received. Essentially a circuitous map that will see running of the ya/mh (&quad in ffa) with mh overlooking the arena from a small upper area and the lightning gun tucked away in a small lower area. Look to his previous work "Simple Brushes" for a great combination of look and layout.
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peewee_RotA (No Relation) Rep. 30
#3   27 Apr 2009
A Tastycast review is also available for this map:


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v1l3 Rep. 1545
#2   27 Mar 2009
=D Keep 'em coming man!
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ShadoW unregistered
#1   26 Mar 2009
Thank you v1|3 for review ;).
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