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Sublevel 27
by fKd
Sublevel 27 by fKd
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 3150
#14   25 Sep 2019
clearly an effort in level design and in that respect it is flawless. my main issue however was with movement. Movement is really important for me in a quake 3 map because well: q3 physics! that's why I only ever play this game and the detail does get in the way. A few items here and there I would have preferred shifted around as well. A very technically accomplished level however and I have really enjoyed fkd's exploration in height throughout his work.
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FragTastic Rep. 1410
#13   05 Jan 2012
Stunning Map! Textures look so real.
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Noruen Rep. 0
#12   24 Jan 2011
Amazing. I really like this map.
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kakashiz Rep. -36
#11   14 Nov 2010
wow. great
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TzaR99 unregistered
#10   06 Feb 2010
Great map.Feels like those original in game maps.Nice work!
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AEon Rep. 521
#9   23 Aug 2009
The map probably has material for at least 3 small maps, and that could actually be something to try. For me personally, large maps are very hard to play through. Somewhat of a pity, because the many details and architecture, and texture choices are amazing. IMO it is just a case of packing too much into one map.
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fKd unregistered
#8   17 Feb 2009
ok, im gonna say this map is not fun. its more of a look into what the gfx can do. my next project will be better as this time i've gone with pure gameplay in mind. if ya wanna see some pretty gfx, by all means d/l and enjoy... k
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fKd unregistered
#7   20 Jan 2009
thanks bud :)
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headrot Rep. 90
#6   20 Jan 2009
I really can't stop myself from stating how cool this map is!
It makes me mad as fKd seems to be releasing maps at the same time as me, and in all honesty there is no competition....
Only downer for me was the amount of teleports lead to a little confusion at first, but this is minor as you learn the map.
Love the detail, and all the gameplay features
Top work (cease and desist NOW!)
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fKd unregistered
#5   27 Dec 2008
yeah they were from the original goth theme. some how they still looked ok in the end :) thanks for the kind words. it really helps to keep me focused

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pat howard Rep. 399
#4   27 Dec 2008
Did the arches in the walls come from the initial gothic theme? Believe it or not they were probably my favorite parts of the map. You rarely get to see the evil textures and arches working together. Nice idea.
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db unregistered
#3   25 Dec 2008
I believe that the first reviewer's pretty much got it right.

Well worth taking for a spin and definitely consider it for a large LAN game.

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Ern unregistered
#2   25 Dec 2008
v good. geometry, light, layout. texturing could`v been better and more detailed
excellent map overall
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fKd unregistered
#1   24 Dec 2008
Thanks so much for the reviews. I enjoyed making this map and learned lots of new things. With any luck my next map q3dmp6 will be even better :)

Happy holidays everyone! :)

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