bball by NaturalSpringWater
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Colin unregistered
#8   23 Oct 2012
The map will not Loading in CTF Mode, Whats The Problem?
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Kyall Rep. 307
#7   10 Mar 2012
This is a good gimmick map. It's fun to get away from the fragging sometimes. I liked bball 2 better than bball. It was a lot better with ramps. 8/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#6   06 Jan 2012
A perfect 1v1 map :).
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SW12 unregistered
#5   31 Oct 2010
I know that because I had this. The reason I downloaded it was because the Tutorial Screenie looked cool. Like a training mission. :)
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Tig Rep. 1134
#4   31 Oct 2010
@Colin and SW12: There is a secret to play this map, it has to do with the fact the map is an 'Experimental 2 player' release. You need two people :] You also need to start in CTF mode.
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sw12 unregistered
#3   31 Oct 2010
I for one think so too. BTW The Poptart map looked lovely. I wish more neighborhood maps were made.
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Colin unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2010
i can,t play this map
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Anonymous unregistered
#1   24 Oct 2008
thx for the review- and i agree, though i didn't didn't think of it before, some kind of version of this where you have to kill your oponent to get to the basket sounds like a good idea!
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