EADM Maps by Various
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#10   22 Dec 2020
thanks Takkie
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#9   21 Dec 2020
@HelterSkeleton and I want to thank you for your time and effort.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#8   28 Jul 2019
@Leilei thanks for your input. I could have specifically mentioned the design team in the review, but I had made a conscious decision not to only because the information was already available in the readme. What information to include and not to include is always a difficult decision to make in a review. I basically focus on game play and items in recommended mods/game types and how it plays in Quake 3 for generality, as it is really difficult to cover everything given a custom level can have a variety of applications for a variety of users on a variety of engines, mods, servers. I even restrict my commentary on game play now due to feedback/criticism as to the length of my reviews which I have taken on in good spirit.

I didn't know about one of the maps being ported into Quake 3 Revolution. That was a nice spot. This largely has to to do with the fact I am one of those people who exclusively play on PC so am unfamiliar with the world of game consoles. I inherited a Nintendo 64 on which I played Quake 3 a few times, and if you are familiar with the times when Nintendo 64 was a thing, and how these games play on a joystick, hopefully you would understand my reasons for abandoning consoles and joysticks altogether. I hear things have changed now with internet access through consoles and I believe you can connect mouse and keyboard to them too.

Which is a nice segue to my final point.

@Joe Beamer which is basically the reason why I take issue with your point. I do agree as both a player, user of this site, and reviewer, it is worth checking both the review and the comments, which I do, but honestly I don't know really how many people actually read these things. People would basically be just downloading the maps direct from this and other sites, and if they are consulting the reviews at all they do so to check if there are any serious flaws they need to know about that would prevent them from playing it, and some basic info of type of map relevant to individual player preferences (space map, ctf, etc.).

But as far as "knowledge" goes, it is not always a lack of knowledge but different kinds of "knowledge". And these will always reflect an individuals levels of expertise and biases in the way they use and play the levels. An instagib or excessive player will view a map completely differently to a person who pays in standard quake 3. And while it would be ideal, it is just not practicable for a reviewer to be all over a map in every server, console, mod, history to give a completed review. This would take more time than one could spare and the reviews are unpaid. Also level designers are notoriously slack when it comes to responding to email requests for more information etc., which is why a current email address is always a useful thing to have in a readme file, as well as any important information concerning the levels and their design. What would be great to see, is more level designers reviewing the works so they could offer more tailored feedback from a design perspective and game developers so they could give input on publishing and commercial elements. Unfortunately they don't too often, so it means you get stuck with people like me who have a writing background and play quake

The agree/disagree feature can be a little confusing and pointless at times, because it doesn't really tell a person what an individual is actually agreeing or disagreeing with (and often functions more as a disincentive for people to post comments now), so I thought I would actually just clarify what exactly I am agreeing and disagreeing with you in the comments section.

Thanks for your time.
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JoeBeamer Rep. 116
#7   25 Jul 2019
I find more times than not (probably 90% of the time) the reviewer isn't all that knowledgeable about the map they are reviewing leilei. Your best bet is to check the comment section and if no comments, then I would just try the map.
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Colton Rep. 359
#6   08 Jun 2016
I'm glad you know the history of this mappack @leilei. Didn't think a non-id team actually figured out how to make decent Q3 maps like these ones.
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leilei Rep. 413
#5   27 Jun 2014
It's worth knowing that EADM6 (Asylum) was recycled into Quake III Revolution (ported by EA-owned Bulflrog and published by EA)

Also, the review could have mentioned the whole thing being done by the 007 World Is Not Enough design team in their spare time (and was in fact available for download on the official 007 World is not Enough site at one point). That game later became Agent Under Fire for the PS2/GCN/Xbox.

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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#4   14 Jan 2012
This looks fun!
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gooball Rep. 1091
#3   19 Jul 2011
These are cool maps.
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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#2   02 Jun 2011
It took me a good few years but I finally got my hands on both Quake 2 mission packs. The relevance to this is that the Xatrix' mission pack (The Reckoning) had a dm map I remembered all too well - Stomping Grounds (XDM5, or EADM8 in this map pack) - it was a barrel of laughs on FFA LANs back then.

I thought it was originally from this map pack, but the Reckoning [1998] came out before this map pack [2000]. Strange, especially considering that there's no credit given to either Xatrix Entertainment or its level designers in this map pack's readme - infact, the readme file states all of these maps are original. Makes me wonder - who is the original author of this map?

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Umutcan (tr) unregistered
#1   18 Feb 2010
Hey. Where is the Regeneration, Battle Suit, Invisibility and Haste in EADM8?
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