Castle of Peladon
Castle of Peladon by Speaker
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#5   11 Jan 2012
Thats a very small castle :O.
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Tig Rep. 1554
#4   13 Dec 2011
@Satan Fang: I guess you have not played many custom Q1 maps then :]

Here are a few screenshots: (second shot, top row)

Sure, they are not the 'same' as this map, but Castle of Peladon has been clearly influenced by custom Q1 mapping and textures.

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Quake 1? This looks NOTHING like Quake 1.
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Hooyaah Rep. 579
#2   20 Feb 2010
If you liked the original Quake then you will most likely enjoy this one. This map has all of the detail that one never found in the original environments created for Quake. Now that our hardware has progressed so far since then, it's nice to see what Quake might have looked like had it been made more recently. Many of the sounds from Quake are included and enhance the look and feel of this emulation as well as some of the familiar runes and slip gates. This one is a definite keeper and one theater that you may find yourself playing in often.
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Mikko Sandt unregistered
#1   22 Jul 2008
It was pretty fun. Me & my friend played it against a bunch of bots. Loved the central area with all the action & jumping. I also liked the blueish look.
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