BLoodmart by Mayhem
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Kyall Rep. 407
#5   10 Mar 2012
Besides the bugs and the drop off near the smiley face, it still isn't too bad a map. It still has the excitement of hiding behind obstacles, and taking unsuspecting campers by surprise. Would be a good 4 player deathmatch with all bugs fixed, and the drop off covered. 6.5/10.
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EradKtor unregistered
#4   19 May 2008
Mayhem...I am sorry if I was a bit too harsh with the review above, but as a critique, you need to learn from your mistakes, unless you keep repeating them...and people start to hate your crappy pieces of art...and send you spam and viruses and stuff LOL!!
The map is still fun to play though, I have a folder called second chances (no offence) for maps that are okay BUT unfortunately, not big hits...
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EradKtor unregistered
#3   19 May 2008
When i mentioned 2 to 4 bots, I meant Hardcore to Nightmare. 6 to 7 bots on Hurt me plenty is easy but if you set the amount of players to 20, it is like a fragfest, as long as your computer will run it at 150 fps or higher - it wont lag out.
Try it.

I'm also raising my vote to 5 out of 10 - for the comment you made several days ago.

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wakey Rep. 203
#2   17 May 2008
With Q3map2 you can convert map's back from .bsp to .map!
It actually produces even quite good results, the only real thing wich you always have to correct in such a map is the texure shifting and scaling.
I had to do this with the map i actualy work on, because the map file of the project i actualy work on went missing.

Who knows, maybe i give it a try and do a remake of this map ;)

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Mayhem Rep. 0
#1   17 May 2008
Depending on the power of your rig, you can get more out of this map than it seems, with hunkmegs set to 64 or more, also I can run the map with 6 or 7 bots and they give a good challenge. Sorry about the drop off at the entrance way to the market, I didn't know you could jump off there, till it was too late. Just beware of that. If there is a bsp to map converter out there I encourage someone to remake the level with actual department store textures that would be cool.
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