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JUL24 by Julek
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AEon Rep. 343
#3   23 Aug 2009
Texture choice and mastery of patches make this map really interesting from a design standpoint, alas the gameplay isn't quite there IMO, the TPs should be removed, and enlarging the map would also be a good thing.
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spirit Rep. 391
#2   29 Mar 2008
I didn't try JUL22 yet, but I like this map. It's a small and intense tourney map on 2 levels that's fun for some fast fragging. It lacks some vertical action though and I agree that the layout isn't that impressive. May get boring, but the rounds I played were definetly fun.
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jonne unregistered
#1   21 Mar 2008
i like this map and i dont agree with the reviewer make still this curvy maps
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