subdm8 by subst
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#7   17 Apr 2022
Again the layout is great but as with subdm1 I just can't get behind the lighting. Its not even that its too dark its just so consistently... not quite bright enough, with no variation or changes in light intensity that make for visual interest. Dark areas are fine, but the whole map just shouldn't be so borderline. It plays great though. Again, so much so that I'll likely be keeping it. I just wish the place was lit. As a consequence of that it'll likely not be in heavy rotation for me personally.
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#6   01 Nov 2020
I agree this is the best of the two. Gameplay is so fast! This map is non-stop tension. Very addictive! A shame this has so few hits. Maybe Tig can do some magic :) For me, a keeper!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6361
#5   28 Mar 2020
of your levels here on levelworld I like this one the most. It has the better layout and really fast gameplay. Both could do with a grenade launcher and more armour. Don't know about the air fog. It's a great idea but deals too much damage in the case of mid air frags.
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#4   10 Jul 2012
Ughh! the map actually makes me feel sick because it's all dark and misty and adding the extra lighting from Dismemberment was jut a complete waste. I respect that you put your time into this map don't get me wrong but it just wasn't for me and lighting was terrible. Sorry about this but it's a 4/10.
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membrane Rep. 90
#3   18 Feb 2011
Compact and fast design makes for fast duels. Fine use of ramp-jump possibilities. Plasma is useful here and MH with YA are in good balance against each other. Maybe a richer visual palette would help to memorize the layout more quickly. Skyfog can cause funny deaths, mainly during rocket and shotgun battles. I recommend this.
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#2   01 Jun 2007
GJ subst.
Nice atmosphere, clean and solid.
Nice curves.
Bots go around nicely.
I'm having fun playing this map.
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Rome Rep. 21
#1   30 May 2007
Had a good time testing this one b4 the final :)
nice work subst
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