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raspatan Rep. 4054
#6   01 Nov 2020
I agree this is the best of the two. Gameplay is so fast! This map is non-stop tension. Very addictive! A shame this has so few hits. Maybe Tig can do some magic :) For me, a keeper!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5236
#5   28 Mar 2020
of your levels here on levelworld I like this one the most. It has the better layout and really fast gameplay. Both could do with a grenade launcher and more armour. Don't know about the air fog. It's a great idea but deals too much damage in the case of mid air frags.
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#4   10 Jul 2012
Ughh! the map actually makes me feel sick because it's all dark and misty and adding the extra lighting from Dismemberment was jut a complete waste. I respect that you put your time into this map don't get me wrong but it just wasn't for me and lighting was terrible. Sorry about this but it's a 4/10.
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membrane Rep. 90
#3   18 Feb 2011
Compact and fast design makes for fast duels. Fine use of ramp-jump possibilities. Plasma is useful here and MH with YA are in good balance against each other. Maybe a richer visual palette would help to memorize the layout more quickly. Skyfog can cause funny deaths, mainly during rocket and shotgun battles. I recommend this.
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Takkie Rep. 1688
#2   01 Jun 2007
GJ subst.
Nice atmosphere, clean and solid.
Nice curves.
Bots go around nicely.
I'm having fun playing this map.
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Rome Rep. 21
#1   30 May 2007
Had a good time testing this one b4 the final :)
nice work subst
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