JUL16 by Julek
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WAR Rep. 136
#11   24 Nov 2014
1v1 fast and furious GRAB it ~!
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#10   14 Jan 2012
Haha! Your first map turns out to be a worldwide phenomenon.
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Anatoilavitch Rep. 1
#9   28 Nov 2011
One of the best maps I've ever downloaded. This is one of my favorite maps ever, always play this map at LANs, and for fun. DOWNLOAD
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#8   02 Aug 2008
Nowhere are the fundamentals of tourney play made more explicit than on Julek's maps. While small in size they will make it apparent to you how crucial controlling armour and a 50 health can be in a map of this size and are approximately the same size as id's q3 tourney arenas. While it can sound annoying the teleporters serve as useful tools to cross the map (especially where you are the down player) and for a crucial escape. Their destinations also determine the nature of the game to be played. Jul16 and 20 are the most successful of the releases on offer at level world. And on the map featured here the teleporters will keep the player controlling the 2 armours and 50 health on their toes. The inclusion of the grenade launcher on his last 2 releases is questionable
and while not necessary to win a tourney will have their use in guiding the lower level player to your desired destination. The rocket launcher is the weapon you will want in julek's set ups so if their is any criticism it would be with the inclusion of too many weapons. 2 RL at oppoite stations on the map, counterbalanced by RA/25H and YA/50health would make for a balanced set up with a shotgun and LG/PG to aid those players spawning away from the rocket launchers. But having said that the inclusion of additional weapons means a player will seldom be left without some firepower once his/her opponent has set up control of these small tourney maps.
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r4gga unregistered
#7   08 Apr 2008
This map is exellent! I love play on it with my friend 1vs1
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ix unregistered
#6   02 Feb 2007
I'm very impressed by a lot of this - the theme is perfect with a very good choice of flat colour on the map textures and brighter information markings and well-made geometry in the Q4-style. There are a few minor texture misalignments, on the over-head pipes, a half-sized texture on a bounce pad chute (perhaps deliberate but it looks like the same texture as the surrouding tex at 50% size). The 50 health marker reads Armor, not Health. The white fog pit might as well be deeper, you hit the bottom while the falling sound is still playing.

You've made one cardinal sin - don't clip stairs so they're ramps. If you want a ramp then make ramps, otherwise leave them as stairs.

Overall amazing technically for a first release. You should make some gameplay maps, drop by the Promode forums www.promode.org/discussions/.

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Tig Rep. 1712
#5   29 Jan 2007
Simply send a message - lvlworld.com/contact.php - about where I can download the fixed up version.

Edit: The download has been updated and the sound file issue has been corrected.

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JULEK Rep. 49
#4   29 Jan 2007
sorry for missing sound i will fix it
but... this is my first map on ..::LvL and i don't know what to do to resubmit it :/ (call me noob)
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subst Rep. 80
#3   28 Jan 2007
nice map =)
(the sound file is not missing, just the directory name is wrong - it says "sounds" , all u need is to change it to "sound" and it will work =)
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Rome Rep. 21
#2   28 Jan 2007
i get that constant beep also..
anyway this map rulez
fun, fast and a spawn-frag fest, would like to c a version of it with a rail.
the maper gave a real good feel to it with the colors chosen and the item markers.
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kuki unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2007
Pierwszy... dobrzeee.... nie gralem na tej mapce ale jest zajebiscie przepiekna
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