Lava Tomb - High Octane
Lava Tomb - High Octane by dmschaos
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Nova Rep. 63
#3   14 Feb 2013
Nice rendition of Q2dm6, to me this map was Tokay at his best.

Tons of memories of me dropping friends into the lava :)

About the remake, I understand some things were made easier for the bots but I don't know if it's the eQ2 texture set or the light, the truth is this map could be more impressive looking.

Anyways, it plays great, and it doesn't look bad either. Hope to see someday that v2, better late than never! :)

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Craminator Rep. 0
#2   01 May 2008
I love this style so much. Great work on keeping the q2 style alive :)
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dmschaos Rep. 0
#1   30 Jan 2007
Thanks for taking the time to review my map. This map literally sat on my hdd for 3 or 4 years. It was more an exerceise in learning the editor...which changed quite a bit from when I initially started...but it was also one of my favorite maps from q2, which I dont think anyone remade. I'm sure all the lava has something to do with that.

I'm glad you enjoyed the map and that you liked the bot play. I think I worked harder on getting them to play well, then any other aspect of the map. Dealing with the lava was a challenge, and if I had to do it over again, I would have handled it a little differently. Due to a couple of nagging issues with this map, I may release a v2, which will address the lava. I find once you get a hange of the map though, the lava becomes less of an issue.

I never thought to play this map in Generations Arena! Thanks for suggesting that!

Rome, what exactly happens when you load the map? Any errors?

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