The Largest Yard
The Largest Yard by Virtu0
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Gorf Rep. 228
#9   01 May 2015
BFG20k gives this a 5/10 because he says he hates copycats.....well since this is mirrored for CTF, would this not be a copy-copy cat? I was horses ass of me...but I had to say it. :)

However....both of these end up in my black list because one IS too much like the other I already have and the floating platforms thing is not even fun.
Edited 27.42 minutes after the original posting.

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CZghost Rep. 1581
#8   29 Apr 2012
9/10 - some texturing issue (textures aren't lined up, some are missing)
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FragTastic Rep. 2233
#7   18 Feb 2012
i'm loving the Q3DM19 Remake.:).
Edited: 18 Feb 2012 AEST
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v1l3 Rep. 965
#6   17 Jul 2006
Joe...Sometimes a good realistic kick in da' arse from a reviewer about their map in the review...and whether it should have been submitted, is somewhat necessary for ..::LvL to give new mappers, an idea of what they shouldn't submit. New idea' remakes of what has already been done, and sent in here already.
|3FG20K is the guy that'll kick ya.... I, myself only review maps that I like, and I'm thankful he reviews, as they'd be sitting in the queue 4ever...
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Rome Rep. 21
#5   02 Jul 2006
a good dm17 ctf version is the 17+CTF map -

Edited: By Tig

thanx Tig

Edited: 03.Jul.2006 16:24 UTC

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John Doe Rep. 10
#4   01 Jul 2006
About this review and the map(s): |3FG20K should stop reviewing maps here at ..::LvL. His reviews are nothing but childish complaints, short paragraphs that say nothing about the map or anything else. I have no problem with anyone's point of view, but he has none. And he takes maps to review away from the hands of other people who could do deeper and more accurate reviews, who don't download the maps because they see at the map queue that a review has already been submitted.
His "reviews" lower the quality of a place like ..::LvL. He thinks he's a mapper and he thinks he can say something about someone else's maps because he made some and he has got his site hosted at PlanetQuake.

How wrong is that.

On the other hand, about these maps: well, it's not about if they're good or bad, if they require skill or the lack of it to create. Watching them that way, and (worst of all) reviewing them that way, is like missing the point.
Good or bad, doesn't matter; it's an interesting twist to see q3dm19 turned into CTF. It's a challenge to find the way to make it work against humans, and actual players will find such challenge interesting. Of course it's not a keeper; very few CTF maps are actually keepers. But that's not the point.

Edited: 01.Jul.2006 03:16 UTC

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Takkie Rep. 1738
#3   30 Jun 2006
ctf on q3dm19 is something i don't like, i agree with Rome, it's boring with one route.
The connectivity in the original q3dm19 is hard, that makes ctf in it frustrating IMO.

ctf on q3dm17 is done before...
but bots grab the flag on this one, that's nice...

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Rome Rep. 21
#2   23 Jun 2006
the dm17 one isnt that bad, it can be a nice one for trickers, but dm19 is just boring, with one route between bases and weak gameplay. i still like the idea of taking standard q3 maps and turning them into ctf maps.
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Pasquake Rep. 80
#1   23 Jun 2006
sry but that's a import import map U_U
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