Dynablast by sst13
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Mapsking Rep. 371
#11   06 Jul 2020
We played this map with our family, I like it. The kids did not get the Bomberman references, but I liked the music and the premise of the map. I made a bot file, and they worked fine, but in the readme, the author states it is unstable with too much action, which is true, and with 10 bots, (sometimes fewer), the game does crash. However, with six of us playing, it did not crash a single time on us, just beware it may crash the game. One thing I wish was done differently, was that the hedges were actually lower, such that you could see over them. This was likely by design, but by being able to see above them, even just a bit, I feel would allow more targeted gameplay, as you can know where your enemy is, and aim towards them. Also, it would be better if you scored a point for every frag, but did not lose a point for every death, as at the end of a five minute match, we were all still at zero, thus likely resulting in a sudden death every match. I still recommend it, but those changes would make it even better.
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myleg123 Rep. 90
#10   26 Jun 2016
This map is fun with other players, but it gets a bit boring after awhile. Plus, the fact that it doesn't have bot support just brings the overall experience from this map down.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#9   19 May 2012
I was going to download this until I heard it lacks bot support.
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Kyall Rep. 407
#8   10 Mar 2012
Not too bad a map. The texture were my favorite part of the map. Gameplay wasn't the best though. I have played the good old Bomberman, and this is a pretty good attempt at making a first-person remake of it. I liked the mini castle with the flags on top of it. 8/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#7   08 Jan 2012
Wonderfull Map! but no bot support let me down ):
Edited: 06 Feb 2012 AEST
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#6   07 Feb 2010
Bomberman and Dynablaster style, I still have the Bomberman games and Dynablaster game.

Excellent map sst13, 10/10.

Edited: 02 Oct 2010 AEST

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sst13 Rep. 413
#5   12 Apr 2009
Creating a bot-file isn't the problem. But bots can't handle the triggered "big explosions". They often commit suicide by running forward in their own fire.

So I released it without a bot-file.

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Anon unregistered
#4   11 Apr 2009
This map needs a bot support.
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Pasquake Rep. 90
#3   29 Mar 2009
Bomberman style :D i <3 it :D
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sst13 unregistered
#2   06 Aug 2008
No, not for Warsow. It's just a simple funmap - not really playable... ;)
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Harmonieman unregistered
#1   04 Nov 2005
Well, its like Bomberman.. so no real Q3map.. but its cool to see ppl having fun with the engine and creating such maps..
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