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Dark Void
Dark Void by sst13
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#13   01 Mar 2018
If you love space maps, this is for you.
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Gorf Rep. 230
#12   30 Apr 2015
The design of the map is one that takes away from the Q3 game play. It really sucks when you go to get to another platform you can't see and get hit by someone else jumping, only to doom you to the void.
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FragTastic Rep. 1444
#11   06 Jan 2012
Looks boring ):.
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shrinker unregistered
#10   05 Mar 2011
this map is interesting, gotta try this
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1900
#9   02 Dec 2010
One of those few rare space maps that isnt a sniper-camp fest, which is great. The hexagonal design is nice, clean, and well-done, with just the right amount of detail. Only thing I dont like is bumping into another player and falling, but thats an overall minor issue thats mostly unavoidable. A top-quality map from a top-quality author.
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PaN61 Rep. 250
#8   11 Mar 2010
Dark Void, the name tells it all, it's a dark map and it's in space. The dark fog really makes it hard for you to frag other people and bots, plus you could also get lost and probably fall off the platforms if you don't get used to the map.

Gameplay is really good, textures are used well, but you have to get up close to see them. Lighting is very dark, but you can still see an amount distance to frag your opponent. I would play with human opponents, bots love the rail gun and bots can see through the fog and darkness, you see yourself getting fragged every couple of seconds by bots on nightmare with the rail gun, so it wouldn't be a fair match but with human players it's a fair match.

I sometimes had to crawl up to the edge of a platform and look down if there's another platform underneath so I don't fall into the void but that was only when I played it for a couple of times at first but now I'm used to the layout.

The grenade trigger button below each of the bases flag platform is really handy to take out any bots or human players defending the flag.

An excellent map sst13, 9/10.

Edited: 16 May 2010 AEST

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Anonymous unregistered
#7   28 Mar 2009
cool map! Thanks guys!
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sst13 unregistered
#6   28 Jun 2008
Already done: sst13.net/pics/13void_layout.gif
I do my best. ;)
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#5   28 Jun 2008
Fill the big central hexagon then. :)
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sst13 unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2008
Sorry my english isn't very well...
Botclip walls with clusterportal windows won't work if trigger_push paths go through them. (see Cardigans AI Misbehavin' tut)
Walls of playerclip/weaponclip with small windows inflict the gameplay to much. See: sst13.net/pics/13void_path.png
With big windows, bots can easily rail through these windows.
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#3   27 Jun 2008
Funny you should mention "a solution to this issue". A little bird told me (well, Cardigan's AI Misbehavin' site told me) that bots seem to treat player clip as impenetrable. (And they certainly should treat weapclip as such, since it really is.) Walls of it in the void where no-one will be other than when plummeting to their doom anyway would inhibit long-distance railgunning by the bots. (With weapclip, it would also prevent humans railspamming hoping for a lucky hit.) As it stands, you may already have walls of botclip in the void with clusterportal windows so...
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sst13 unregistered
#2   25 Jun 2008
Yes I know. I couldn't find a solution for this issue.
Except don't play with bots. :D
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2008
Only one problem: Bots can see through fog. And bots looooove railguns...
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