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even darker
by acid
even darker by acid
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leilei Rep. 297
#5   27 Apr 2012
You've never seen DM6 before? OA has a remake of dm6 AND a port of dm6, but it's not this one, and eventually i'd want no quake maps in there at all

You should browse around lvl in the early 2000 years to find more of these.

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CZghost Rep. 1445
#4   27 Apr 2012
Similar map is avaible in OpenArena...
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flipowicz Rep. 10
#3   30 Jun 2005
so you are one of those who didn't play the original. have a closer look at the center room's floor ;)
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DJ(KURWA) unregistered
#2   30 Jun 2005
there is a lightening gun ammo there but no lightening gun??? i cant believe you didn't notice.
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flipowicz Rep. 10
#1   29 Jun 2005
thank you for the review.. it wasn't my intention to push the graphics further than the original's. just a straight port :)
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