The Black Realm
The Black Realm by sst13
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FragTastic Rep. 2323
#7   06 Feb 2015
This map is unique, it's special because it's different from the others and to be quite honest, I have never come across a map like this. The smooth design and 'dark' atmospheric feel to it makes it something very, very rare. Your updated version of this map was even better but I just love the way you experimented with 2 colours in different shades. Very nice sst13, very nice indeed.
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chtonicnoise Rep. 29
#6   10 May 2012
amazing map!!!
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sst13 Rep. 413
#5   04 Jul 2011
Make a rocketjump to get the invisibility. There ist no other way. -50HP is the price. :D
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Anonymous unregistered
#4   04 Jul 2011
Can anyone tell me how to take invisibility that occurs on top??????????

By the way, excellent map.....10/10

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sst13 unregistered
#3   25 Jul 2008
The mapname is also an allusion to the second episode "the realm of black magic".
And finally i make a Quake1 remake of my map. :)


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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#2   24 Jul 2008
Did anyone notice the homage to the original Quake? The pillar with the symbols on it. Those symbols are the four runes from the original Quake, from top to bottom, Elder, Hell, Black, and Earth Magic.
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Vadik unregistered
#1   01 Nov 2005
This map is cool!
Smooth gameplay, small download, atmostheric enviroment. All that a good map needs. My type of a map.
I'm keeping it and playing it.
Thanx, dood!:)
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