Grillo Works
Grillo Works by commander_keen
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FragTastic Rep. 2237
#3   06 Feb 2012
Holy Cow! The textures are AMAZING!. I haven't tested this map yet but i can tell form the screenshot it is going to be great.
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AEon Rep. 710
#2   27 Aug 2009
Very detailed map and actually quite beautiful, alas, the frame rate is simply too high to give it that "on edge" feeling the gameplay would deserve. Note the gameplay is fun and is there, only the frame rate is making the experience feel "laggy".
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auLucifer unregistered
#1   03 Jun 2005
Its is certainly good for a first attempt but is feels too small to become really enjoyable.
A second room/courtyard/area that has a couple of different pathways leading to it would enhance this map incredibly.
Incredible for a first map with lots of detail but not enough variety to be used at lan's for any longer then a quick slaughter fest.
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