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Released: 08/18/2004 //////////////////////// map title keenq3dm1 filename keenq3dm1.bsp author kurt'commander_keen'loeffler email **email removed** description: a small 1-on-1 map with a high tech theme map info: player load = 1-on-1 gametypes(s) = ffa tdm tourney installation: extract keenq3dm1.pk3 into your quake3/baseq3 directory construction time: 5-6 days of work construstion tools GTKRadiant 3DsMax6 PaintShopPro 7 q3map2 toolz thanks to: Yves Allaire evillair.net/ for his great texture pack 'evil8' beta testers for comments and sugestions hourences for architecture tips (www.gamedesig...ourences/maps.htm)
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