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Nocturnal Convention
Nocturnal Convention by SwiFty
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#5   20 Jan 2012
Impressive :). 9.5/10.
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StormShadow Rep. 10
#4   25 Apr 2005
i agree with the above posters - this map could have been helped a lot visually by compiling with q3map2 - and the performance could have been improved as well.
certainly some similarities between this level and dm6..

There is some potential here - a lot of the armor jumps were pretty well thought out. It doesnt play too badly if you have a good system.

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acid unregistered
#3   20 Apr 2005
yep the performance is crap, the whole map is drawn all the time. this is the worst performance i've ever seen in a "non cel-shaded map". more than that a lot of elements felt like a 99& q3dm6 rip off to me and the rest of the layout is not very interesting, too. try again!
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nobody unregistered
#2   20 Apr 2005
next time pls use vis @ compiling, thx
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BlackDog unregistered
#1   20 Apr 2005
Just a note that the visuals could have been easily improved through the use of oversampling - these are the most aliased shadows I've seen in a q3 screenshot in years.

Head over to shaderlab.com/ and grab q3map2. Increased mapping pleasure guaranteed.

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