Emerge Station
Emerge Station by RotaryFist.cz
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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 74
#16   14 Oct 2010
Lol! You could work for the FBI with an investigative skill like that!

Urban exploration Quake 3 style!

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SW12 unregistered
#15   06 Oct 2010
Well my first clue was When I shot the sub from when I was outside, it didn't leave a mark. I've learned that if there is no mark, there is a possibility it was programmed to be that way, or it moves. SO when I got into that secret room (sub-interior) I shot around and that made marks on all of the walls. Another fact I well knew at that time was that if there was a mark left on scenery after you shot it, It can't move or do anything. Its just a plain old wall. At first I didn't know why you made it a separate room, but when I went into spectator, went into the sub as it went back up, and saw that Slime would've flooded the inside too, seeing you couldn't make the map where it could avoid that. Aren't I clever :D
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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 74
#14   04 Oct 2010
Haha.. How have you found out, SW12? :)
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SW12 unregistered
#13   21 Apr 2010
The Submarine is the highlight. This map plays like nothing of Single player. I like going into the Sub but its a pain to need to go underneath it in order to get inside. BTW SPOILER ALERT When you enter the submarine, you don't actually go in it. you go into another room secluded from the map itself.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#12   17 Aug 2008
as slow as a hospital lift and as tedious as "The Matrix Reloaded"
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RotaryFist.cz unregistered
#11   10 Feb 2006
wow, I didnt expect the map has so good results :O Im seriously thinking about mapmaking again. THANK YOU ALL :-)
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Anonymous unregistered
#10   14 Jun 2005
I like maps that remind me of other games I've played. this reminded me of Dead to Rights
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Reactor unregistered
#9   11 Jun 2005
Holy SHIT, this is an EXCELLENT map!!!
God DAMN it, I don't know when was I playing such awesome map! The construction, the slime enplacement, the items are fantastic! We all love it in Hungary!

A little bug: BOTs seem to stuck at the doors, and ignore the switches. This should be corrected.

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Juhanwings unregistered
#8   21 Jan 2005
just a exelent work no bugs etc taht quad trick is very n1 !!!!

keep it up

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Shadow unregistered
#7   21 Jan 2005
very nice work and colors on it jsut a exelent and impresive waiting ur new works !
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Railer unregistered
#6   21 Jan 2005
best map in q3 i play it always sadly no server running on it

Rotary u never know how many ppl playing that map with bots in single layer ;)

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ShadowKiller unregistered
#5   21 Jan 2005
Very good map playing with 10 player just for fun, i tihnk its hard to make some very big challenge on it but loads loads loadsa and ONCE AGAIN LOADS OF FUN !!!!!

keep it up nice work m8

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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#4   18 Jan 2005
Emerge Station is a good map. Bots play really well in this map and they seem to go everywhere. The lighting is pretty good for this type of map. The item placement is not all that good, but not that much of a problem. Some people might like it, but others may not. It was pretty good to me.



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RotaryFist.cz unregistered
#3   10 Jan 2005
sorry I wanted to type just Hunt mode. Hunt mode is an older mode of quake (creators of it are now working on Outpost mode), that can be perfectly played on LANs or even single player. I didnt mentioned Hunt in the readme because it the mod is capable to use on any TDM map. And Im big TDM fan :)


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Tig unregistered
#2   09 Jan 2005
What exactly is Hunt mode maps? If it is a mod could you include a link?

Also, from the readme (which is all the background info the reviewer gets):

DeathMatch : yes
Team Deathmatch : yes
Tourney : no

No other game modes or links.

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RotaryFist.cz unregistered
#1   09 Jan 2005
hello, thanx for your review!

Just a note for the gameplay: I recommend playing this map on 4on4 TDM games or, best of all, in Hunt mode maps. I really didnt mentioned this as a FFA map :)

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