Rust in Peace
by Kaz
Rust in Peace by Kaz
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pat howard Rep. 412
#4   01 Jun 2009
I just discovered this one. I rarely get addicted to maps but the gameplay here totally did it for me. There are a bunch of perfectly placed choke points that make fighting your way up to the top a game in itself.

Weapon placement is cool with the RL at the bottom of the map. The health I would have changed a bit. Maybe make one of those 25s a 50 and put it in one of the more underused areas of the map.

Geometry and texturing are both awesome. My only problem with the aesthetics was the lighting - it's way too bright. This was one of the first times I've actually had to turn down my gamma.

These are my only complaints, and compared to how fun the rest of the map is they are quickly forgotten. This is a killer level. I'm going to go check out your other work now.


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Salinga unregistered
#3   31 May 2009
Elite Force version of this map here:
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Kaziganthe unregistered
#2   20 Nov 2004
Thanks for the reviews! Anyway, it's not an unreal skybox, I dropped that after I realized that it would be remembered as "that map with the unreal skybox." You can find it at speedy's site (<a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>). It's Rust in Peace btw.
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remnent unregistered
#1   20 Nov 2004
I never could get the RA in vq3 with a strafe jump. Although I never tried it at an angle as Tig suggested.

I then tried a plasma jump, which I had never done- but thought would work and it did. Just one plasma shot like a RJ and it gave me just enough to get there...

It made me think it was meant to be done, since the PG is right there in front of the RA.

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