Q3skOreCTF7 by skOre
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#4   07 Jan 2012
Very intresting :P.
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Madan unregistered
#3   21 Aug 2005
I found the review a bit too picky. The map is gorgeous and the bots play mediocre, not all that badly.

It's definitely creative and attractive. It's unique. And that, combined with the fact that it's an operative map, should make it at least a recommended download.

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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#2   20 Sep 2004
Fun map skOre. It'll be a shame if this is your last... you've made some really good fun and attractive maps in your time. Why don't you at least stay until D3's MP gets good, or if Q4's is good (which I hope it will be)? After all, doing a MP map for Q3 now would probably still get used more than an MP map for D3 :P
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skOre (author) unregistered
#1   19 Sep 2004
Hmm yeah, didn't expect this to be upped anymore, so I missed to update the pk3 ;)

Comment is quite what I expected as I really tried to work on the few things mentioned. I got crazy trying to make the bots work (they at least do something now ;) ), as I did work on those guided Jumppads. The latter are now about in the middle of working and working great. I was happy when they turned out to do what they should when the player is not moving around that much. Just as I am happy that you can do a lot of crazy movement stuff with them.

Thanks for the comment on imagination, as thats what I was going for... I just wanted to do some crazy stuff, no an average floater.

(Bash me for the next one) This might be the last map I put out, at least for Quake3.

I was never into special gameplay or item placement (wviperw helped me out on this), and I guess that if I will start mapping again, it'll be for D3 or Q4... With Q3A-electronics, I had my fun on expanding what was possible scripting-wise, but it was always buggy and not very comfortable.

I guess I will only come back if I make it to create something that makes people go "How did'ya do that?", everything else never really kept me working.

So thanks again for the great review ShadowZombie! If somebody want to give this map a last cut or work on it with me, you're welcomned! drop me a mail and I will see what I can do. Until then have fun fooling around on this maps physics or get some kicks looking at it.

This is my farewell, thank you Q3A! I will always love you!

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