Just bring it
by Mj
Just bring it by Mj
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#5   07 Jan 2012
I kind of like it. Its fun!
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Mj unregistered
#4   05 Mar 2004
Thx Bender, for your kind words....go leafs go...:)
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Bender unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2004
I played this map at a lan in november 2003. it was sweet, its one of those maps that with high skilled players, you can get dead locked, and it gets so intense, even more intense when we are rail whes, and we were sniping each other all the time, holding the flag for anytime was a challenge. we played 4v4, and it was very sweet.

i think one of the better things about the map is how hard it is to actualy get the rail, because most open maps make it too easy to get them, and everyone camps and rapes each other. if its harder to get the rail then it improves the gameplay. as too the lack of ammo, it makes your aim matter all that much more. i think the only thing that was a bit wonkey was some of the pads, but the over all gameplay was sweet in a intense situation.

the technical side, i did not focus on, its more of a gameplay, and i know from experience that this map works. i would sudjest everyone to try it out.



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Mj unregistered
#2   05 Mar 2004
Thx for the review Joey.Right on the nose...:)

I didn't put any ammo because the weapons aren't too distant to reach thats why you spawn with a shotgun in case you really need it right away...:)

Yes the jumppads needed a bit more tweaking.Took me sometime especially for the bots to have it good enough, the bots couldn't make it across the longer jumps sometimes...:)

For the textures i decided for some gothic just to break the base/tech look.

Thx for you comments Tetzlaff.

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   05 Mar 2004
The map feels like an even mix between a space map and a large scale indoor map, quite interesting :) It´s not nearly as open as q3ctf4 (a good thing), the comparison with Vast fits better. The layout and flow somehow reminded me to one of the UT2003 CTF maps, Electric Fields.

This map could need some tweaking, the jumppad connections feel a bit dodgy. Also, for some reason the author decided not (or simply forgot?) to place any ammo pickups on the map.

The architecture looks good, only the odd gothic textures in some places stick out, like Joey already mentioned.

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