necro4 by NecrosiS
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#7   07 Mar 2020
The review doesn't really accurately reflect the nature of the map for me on this one. All the jump points take you meaningfully to items on the map such as health and weapons and also offer broad access to all areas in each of the atriums and opportunities for escape and counter attacks. I also didn't find any problems with the teleports. Strafing left or right out of them allows you to land on armours or the rocket launcher, and in the case of the tele that landed the reviewer into the wall: if you enter and exit it correctly you get a height boost off the wall trim straight onto the rail gun.
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#6   29 Aug 2009
I understand being a stubborn VQ3 player. => You should try out playing with promode physics on the promode maps's pretty fun once you figure it out..double-jumping, ramp jumping, and airstrafing. You can \callvote promode 1 in normal OSP also..which is pretty much where it all started anyway. Alot of people don't like CPMA. The maps make it worthwhile though..I think there's a good 40 maps or so and it's ridiculous to try playing them with vQ3.

The bots kind of suck on this map also...their tele addicts.

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AEon Rep. 770
#5   27 Aug 2009
I love the design of this map.

Alas not as much fun for vQ3 players, because of the CPMA optimization. I am pretty sure many of those "clever" jumps are possible in CPMA (easy, possibly), but simply cannot be done (well, at least not at my skill level) in vQ3. Pity, I'd love a vQ3 version of this map :)

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Tig unregistered
#4   24 Dec 2003
The download is now the final version.
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necrosis unregistered
#3   23 Dec 2003
version :P
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NecrosiS unregistered
#2   23 Dec 2003
This is wrong wersion of this map !!!!!!
here is final


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helpful hint unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2003
NecrosiS: Try compiling your bot file with the "-forcesidesvisible" switch. The bots should come to life. (But the switch is not recommended unless you really need it.)
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