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Devolved by mexx
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#34   21 May 2012
ah, i remember this map playing in some servers, good times! :)
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Nitebeat unregistered
#33   27 Dec 2001
Great map. Like your work mexx (if you're still reading this ;)..) Nice job on this map, bots play ok, wise decision you made on using that particular skybox.
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{GDC} -Nekrataal unregistered
#32   28 Jan 2001
There are much better maps around like this thingy ...
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jon sprague unregistered
#31   29 Oct 2000
flat out flies on my p2/450.great design, good arena like feel and lots of room to move. a killer atmosphere. a very, very good map.
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Machtyn unregistered
#30   24 Oct 2000
Quite a great medium-sized map. The only problem I had was the a couple bots like the launch pad too much. Besides that... GET IT!! It is very good very fun.
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Slayer unregistered
#29   03 Oct 2000
Yo Marcus you've done a great job with this map, and I tell all those people out there to download it. One of the best, and one you'd expect from ID software. This is so good. This map I've played mostly with Domination which is excellent [domination points are railgun alter, rocket launcher, east & west wing] because there is frantic action all the time. Get it now!

See my review of this map:-

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[EMR]Yngwie unregistered
#28   17 Aug 2000
What a great map! Possibly the best map I've played, and I've played a bunch! Outstanding Visuals and atmosphere! I have absolutely NO gripes about this map! Great weapon placement and gameflow! Bots playes very well on this level and seemed to cover the entire map, which I've found is a bit unusual! I think I had more fun playing this map than all other combined! Just a truely exceptional map! Thanx mexx, and keep up the fine work!
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bart d. unregistered
#27   30 Jul 2000
very nice map...

reminds me of doom a little bit, not sure why...maybe its the altar near the crucifixes with that blue nebulae in the background...

the jesus statue seems out of place, those hands behind it are fine by themselves...


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BigFrickinGun unregistered
#26   09 Jun 2000
Spooky. Turn out the lights and play it in the dark!
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Steinecke unregistered
#25   06 Jun 2000
It's magic! This map glows! All the other maps -compared to this maps atmosphere are... poor.

Play this map in a dark room to increase the experience.

It's magic! This map really glows!

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GANGSTA (INIT)!!! unregistered
#24   06 Jun 2000
it rules go to for more quake info oh sorry its not finnished yet

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Sokkratez unregistered
#23   01 May 2000
great map.... good job.... excellent
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Tom Cleghorn unregistered
#22   08 Apr 2000
Ran a touch choppy on my P2-450/128 meg/TNT, but it's a very nice level, and a great return to the scene for Marcus.
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mexx unregistered
#21   21 Mar 2000
I've released two CTF versions of "Devolved".

You can use the following link to download the map:

www.Informatik.Uni.../ (5 MB) (5 MB)

Both maps are identic, the only difference is that q3mexxctf1b features the teleporters of the original release. Those are missing in the other map.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#20   19 Mar 2000
well worth the download i had fun just walking around w/o bots i liked the sky and the hands around the jesus model was cool! this has to be the best map on the site as far as detail goes! the gameplay was good too, i dont think the lower of the 2 shotguns needed to be there though! but that was about the only thing i disagreed with evrything else was good!


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Myth unregistered
#19   15 Mar 2000
10/10 for style. Very atmospheric indeed. Excellently deisgned and great architechture. I don't usualy like maps with large open areas but this aint so bad ;-)
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mexx unregistered
#18   14 Mar 2000
krell: the sky I used is derived from skies/skybox. I changed it a bit to emit blue light etc - check q3mexx1.shader from the map-q3mexx1.pk3 file for the final version.
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krell unregistered
#17   13 Mar 2000
coming from a fellow mapper..I would ahve to say that this is a very profesional quality map...something I would expect to see come from id themselves.....the only fault it has is that it tends to be rather dark on my video card..and because of that the lower levels are almost impossible to navigate...but bah...thats probably just my video....I love the didn't stick to the shiny space/base theme or the dungeon/ kinda made your own...feels like a dark prison on some distant astroid....I dunno.......

btw....what sky did you use?...I've been through all the sky textures and can never find that particular one

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RedFive unregistered
#16   13 Mar 2000
Hard to have more action than here! I say more than 4 people and it turns into Gib Central, at least 4 guys who strafe-jump the whole time like I do and cover ground in no time flat. It's a bit dark but it's fun to play. And I agree with Octovus about the fence; it's a DM arena, not a schoolyard !!!
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MogWaEE unregistered
#15   12 Mar 2000
Hmmm... this map is starting to grow on me... :)
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mexx unregistered
#14   12 Mar 2000
Octovus: the fence is there to block people from getting to the edge of the map, because due to the fact that the bottom of the sky box is not drawn, they would encounter gfx bugs there. You can see this effect when flying near the edge at high altitude in spectator mode.
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blod unregistered
#13   11 Mar 2000
A type of pure atmospheric map I like the most. It plays well and looks amazing, believ me! Oh, and that sky makes Unreal sneak in a shadow :)
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Octovus unregistered
#12   11 Mar 2000
Well, I'll start off with my score: 8 outa 10. You got a good review out of Tig and you deserved it....everything seemed good or great. Armor might have been done a little differently, and the map structure what with different levels and all was confusing at first but nice one you get the hang of it. Perfect place for blowing crap out of newbs. =0 =) One thing...the chain-link fence texture felt wrong outside, IMHO just letting people walk to the edge of the map would be nicer. (I have no idea what that would take as I've never even approached map making) =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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mexx unregistered
#11   11 Mar 2000
blix: a CTF version of this map is underway. I didn't had time to start before today, but by now the architecture is almost done.

Finally, thanks to all you folks for the mostly positive feedback.

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Kenneth MacDonald unregistered
#10   11 Mar 2000
It is great to see a Q3 Mexx map as the Mexx series of maps has been awesome and this map is no exception,the map has great gameplay and the layout is superb,I love this map and played it for a few hours last night right after I downloaded it,I just could not stop playing it.
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blix unregistered
#9   10 Mar 2000
I'm a little biased as Mexx is a friend. But this is a fun map and definately worth the d/l!

Have fun in the "downstairs" areas. It can get crazy at times. Bots play well on the map also.

Now where's the CTF version I requested? 8-]

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Jim unregistered
#8   10 Mar 2000
Excellent. Very well laid out, and a nice, new style of architecture that doesn't take a bit fps hit. The only thing I didn't like about this map is that the sky moves too fast and in some places you can see "below the horizon". Because the sky becomes weird near the horizon, having it move that fast just makes it look too odd.

Definately a unique style- and I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed when I knew it was a mexx map (this map-maker produced some real good stuff back in the Q1 days). Keep 'em coming...

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Rokscott unregistered
#7   10 Mar 2000
This is one cool map.

It also answered a question that was hanging around in my head. Can you combine Q2 style static skies with Q1/Q3 style animated skies ?

The answer is YES (hoorahh). This map has the Q2 space 1 sky combined with the moving cloud effect of Q3. Fantastic !

There's more to this map than the sky though. Go on it and see for yourself.


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MogWaEE unregistered
#6   10 Mar 2000
I usually post here only if I get a strong positive feeling from a map, but I must say that I was kinda disapointed by this one: it's been out for quite a while already, and I have been playing it for a few days... but it just desn't do it for me. don't get me wrong though: this map looks great and is wel built, but just didn't seem as solid as some other custom maps out right now...
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RA Bitch unregistered
#5   10 Mar 2000
Sweet map.
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{USG}FR/GG/DELIC unregistered
#4   10 Mar 2000
this map KICK's ALL A$$ES !!!!!!

WOW, GET THIS MAP, and the review is what of sch@#t, this map rockz like HELL !!!!

greetings from switzerland

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#3   10 Mar 2000
this map is on my top 10 so far.
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Raven unregistered
#2   10 Mar 2000
I think it is a great map, has a bit of a different/unusual feel to it. Game play is good, bot's are good, looks good, what more do you want.

Just loved his mexx series for Quake, was great to see him grow as a mapper. I hope we can look forward to more from Him

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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#1   10 Mar 2000
Pretty good map its just my comp slacks and it hit my framerate bad sometimes.Give it an 8 better if i had faster PC.

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