The Palace of Pain
The Palace of Pain by Pirate
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#8   06 Jul 2011
At least give this map a try! Its kickass. Great music for a fragfest.

Yes, it could have been better with textures in the screenshot, and an arena. file.

But it has some pretty good stuff! one of the better maps in my opinion. 7.5

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NuHnuggugugomojosofooa unregistered
#7   30 Jun 2010
What kind of map is this?
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Body_Bag unregistered
#6   20 Mar 2000
load da bollocks

i didnt even download it i just read the comments so thats my judge.

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Jim unregistered
#5   12 Mar 2000
Here it is minus the 22 meg wav file.

Now it's only 2.3 meg.

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[NRD]10sun unregistered
#4   11 Mar 2000
I wasted some of my bandwidth downloading it, but I never got around to playing it much b/c there are so many other maps that are far superior to this POS. Perhaps if you cut the damn wav file people would like it, but I never will.
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Dr_Enema unregistered
#3   11 Mar 2000
I don't think its the fact that is a large download, it't the fact that 22 megs of that download just isn't neccesary!
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#2   11 Mar 2000
One tip try making it smaller people will d/l it then ok

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RA Bitch unregistered
#1   11 Mar 2000
A 22 meg wav file. Geez... I'll skip this one.
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