AEon's Neon Light
by AEon
AEon's Neon Light by AEon
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Anonymous unregistered
#16   01 Aug 2016
Love this map. Gorgeous with a fun layout.

Here's its stats as a custom map for Xonotic btw.

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JADscratch Rep. 477
#15   02 Apr 2013
I must say, this is one of those maps that is amazing just for its looks. The visuals of this techno-Tron-like map was like a painting, and when I loaded the map, I was so awestruck that I didn't load any bots, for I didn't want the blood splatters of gibbed bots to poison the look of the map. This is a must-have map for those looking to put some eye candy into their Q3A map collection. Flawless work, AEon.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#14   25 Jan 2012
This is old tron. New tron has different look :). 9.5/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#13   16 Jul 2011
Is this New Tron, or old Tron?
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fKd Rep. 380
#12   02 Sep 2009
wow, really good work here theme is solid and very well executed 9
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Nimrod unregistered
#11   27 Jun 2004
Good job. The map plays really well with humans or bots. The visuals are cool and sorta remind me of Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon. Well done.
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Cameron Vorda unregistered
#10   27 Mar 2004
It looks cool but it won't let me download so please fix this problem OK?
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AEon unregistered
#9   12 Oct 2003
I only recently played through Tron 2.0... and have to admit the folks at Monolith have done an astounding job. If you should like my map, be sure to check out Tron 2.0... IMO the designs in that game are way beyond my limited attempts.

In fact I am actually thinking of building a map that is closer to Tron 2.0 design... sometime :)

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BerneyBoy unregistered
#8   11 Oct 2003
Very nice map AEon, ColorFun...
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kerygma unregistered
#7   08 Oct 2003
Very cool, very fun. A keeper. Thanks, AEon!
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remnent unregistered
#6   07 Oct 2003
I was just thinking of making a Tron-ish map when this came out. Thanks for making it- much better than I would have done!! very cool!!

Surprisingly- not bad on fps...would like to see this in the Open Source area so I could learn from your mapping greatness.

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AEon unregistered
#5   04 Oct 2003

interesting point about space... well there are several rooms and the central arena that give you a bit more space to move about. Will keep your comment in mind for my next map.

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ukiro unregistered
#4   03 Oct 2003
impressive indeed, apart from what's been mentioned the only thing I felt somewhat lacking was that you always had the same amount of room to move about in, there were no larger floor areas. But damn, this is a cool looking map. classy.
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AEon unregistered
#3   03 Oct 2003
We had been testing this map in 5-6 BETA ar q3world level editing forums... and boy was it hard to finish.

Glad the design goes over ok. I wanted to do so much more... more creative architecture e.g., but just could not come up with anything... sigh :)

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LilSatchMo unregistered
#2   03 Oct 2003
thanks for the great map, nice to see something out of the ordinary and quality too.
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nitin unregistered
#1   03 Oct 2003
good fun level but it does get on your eyes after a while (despite aeon pulling off the theme exceptionally well) so it's not really for serious play.


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