2thecore pack 1
2thecore pack 1 by Idolator
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#6   12 Sep 2020
Quite fun couple of maps, specially the one shown in the photo!
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#5   12 Jan 2012
First map is so bloody awesome!. 10/10.
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SynthemescTheX unregistered
#4   19 Sep 2010
Station Fragfest: Dynamic, connecting, and chaotic. Excellent weapon/armor placement. I've noticed the bots use the SG and RG the most.
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cityy unregistered
#3   07 Jun 2009
Would be nice to see a ctf version of the map you can see on the screenshot but I guess the author wont read this - sad.
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idolator unregistered
#2   27 Sep 2003
thanks scampie for the comments. hey! i got a shiny fetish!:)) these two maps were pretty old, when i released them i was glad it was finally done. new works are comming your way but this time i will beta-test them at quake3world/forums first.

you can download the textures used in these maps on my site with many more unused. ;)


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Scampie unregistered
#1   26 Sep 2003
The exterior of the first map is totally awesome... but I felt the interior areas lacking. Rather boring, squarish design with an overload of repetitive shiney textures.

The second map suffered with the same shiney textures, and I felt it was overall not as appealing without the big well made theme of the first map. It also seemed rather boxy.

Both maps have a good solid layout, and use completely excellant textures. I think with a bit more focus on a single coherant theme throughout a map and more time spent on architecture of each area, this author could pump out some amazing stuff. I look forward to more. :D

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