Close Proximity
Close Proximity by Catalyst
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#9   06 Jul 2011
I thought the red fog was going to be fog of death. But when I fell in- I didn't die. So its just ordinary fog.

Not what I was expecting.

...But maybe I should have seeing the comments just now after walking around in the level.

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Ariston unregistered
#8   14 Mar 2000

after reading up on it in the manual, i'm augmenting my post below as a warning to other mappers:

yes, it is id's fault, but you can make the map LIGHTER, thus enabling the player to see the bots as well. a bot can see everything even in pitch black areas, so camping and jumping out of the shadows is a no-no in bot play.

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Octovus unregistered
#7   11 Mar 2000
Right...this gets a 6 outa 10 from me, which is around what I was expecting to give it. It playes pretty well in tourney...a slightly better version of Tourney 5 IMHO, if only because I find tourney 5 unplayable as any thing but FFA. Originally after exploring a bit I though "Why the hell would I go into the fog, there is nothing there?" BUT the health is down there and often enough you jump out of a rocket's path only to find yourself on the lower floor. I would REALLY like to see a larger version of this map made, I think perhaps extending it to have an extra catwalk above and perhaps some corridors and/or small rooms off to the sides would be nice. Felt really nice, just a bunch too small and as has been said below, bots will be bots, and they know where you are in the fog. Only time a single bring it on bot ever killed me. (Dam RL) Right, 'nuf said.

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Jim unregistered
#6   10 Mar 2000
Not bad. Very simple and clean architecture which maintains a good degree of visual appeal. Unfortunately, it is too small and symmetric and can get boring too quick.

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Yunfat unregistered
#5   10 Mar 2000
If this graphics on this map could be tightened up a bit (I saw some small sniggles in the fog) this would be an 8. A Good 1v1, Im not sure you could play more than 2 enjoyably.
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NiMRod unregistered
#4   10 Mar 2000
what's ID's fault?

that bots are bots, no matter how "human " you try to make them?


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RA Bitch unregistered
#3   10 Mar 2000
yeah, that's ID's fault
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RedFive unregistered
#2   10 Mar 2000
Having pronounced myself a Gothic/1on1 freak, I gave this map a hard look. I love the fog but this box is dinky. And as far as the bots are concerned, they do that all the time; bots are bots and no matter how "human" you try to make 'em, they're still bots.
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Ariston unregistered
#1   10 Mar 2000
well... this map was probably the winner of the "construct a map in less than an hour"-award.

I thought it played well for a 1on1 - you can't do anything wrong in terms of flow with a tiny box map - but it perplexed me in bot play. What I'm seeing is this: the bots seem to have an unfair advantage concerning visibility in fog areas. At first I thought they "listen" to footsteps and then fire in that general direction. But even when I stood still, I got a rocket in my face, seemingly out of nowhere. This sucks big time, and I wouldn't recommend using bots in this map. Anyone else observe this?

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