Unofficial Map Pack 3
Unofficial Map Pack 3 by Various
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PaiN unregistered
#10   29 Oct 2003
Any fixes out there for threewave portal issues? I have 4 ump packs in my baseq3, they are loaded on the server too. Some people see the images in the portals. Some don't. I just see a black hole. Fixes??? What am i doing wrong?
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bailey unregistered
#9   14 May 2003
Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone. My two maps in the map pack are the first maps I've ever released. I think they could've been polished a bit more (a few misaligned textures here and there, and a bad piece of caulk in one), but hopefully that's just me being picky since I know where all the faults are. :)
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*papri-K* unregistered
#8   14 May 2003
yeh it's unofficial.
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Eraser unregistered
#7   13 May 2003
hehe, mistakes can happen. I guess it's no biggy.
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DGhost unregistered
#6   13 May 2003
I think that you are right, I had seen a webpage that called it Universal and never tought about it until I read your comments that it was Unoficial. My mistake. I don't know why the Universal stuck in my head.
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Eraser unregistered
#5   13 May 2003
it's unofficial. At least, Mappack 1 and 2 were unofficial, and Phooka has been referring to this one as Unofficial Map Pack as well, so I am nearly 100% sure it's Unofficial.
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Tigger unregistered
#4   13 May 2003
MopAn: The readme file contains very little details and the web site has had some problems (and has no real details). I could not remeber if it was 'Unofficial' or 'Universal'. When the review came in it had 'Universal' on it so I assumed that was it. If someone wants to let me know the correct title I'll make the change.
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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   13 May 2003
excellent work.
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MopAn unregistered
#2   12 May 2003
always a nice piece of concentrated artwork and excellent maps of talented mappers we have here. Great work. Thanx guys to spend many hours of construction and passion to finish this fine pack.

Greetz to phooka and the warmthful sunshine over spanish landscape. Hope you are fine.



ps. correct me, but isn't it the 'Unofficial Map Pack 3'? Did you change the title?

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mIKE unregistered
#1   12 May 2003
thx @ phooka, great work
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